Paper King Radio & The Toy Commander - Gamma

Producing - Mastering

Listened to the beat all day
It's a shame I might say
Maybe you'll want to reconsider the way this game is always played
I see the struggle you're going through
You're longing to hear that I'm with you
You're alone on this one, mate
Alright, alright... Let me explain

You get trapped in all your own doubts
When all you have to do is get out
Drink up all the gamma rays
Pretend you're in a microwave
Then make your way to the nearest babe with your ukulele and get laid

You beg for the summer rain
And the joy to go astray
Because all you want is for everyone around to feel just the same
If only you could holy pretend
For the ones you love, the ones you hate
You're alone on this one, mate
Alright, let's start all this over again


released November 11, 2016
Composed, written, recorded and mixed by Antoine Moity & JC Caron
Mastered by Timothée Zéphir
Produced by Antoine Moity, JC Caron & Timothée Zéphir
Artwork by Antoine Moity
© & ℗ Cream of the Crop 2016