Gotam Sen - Icarus

Mixing - Mastering - Producing

I knew someone who could fly
Which is exactly why I should try
Sapphire blue ocean, cloudless sky
Golden kites fly in my eyes

I swim in a pristine waters
I don't let feelings cloud my judgment
There's that black cloud again
but It doesnt matter

I am a fallen heroes
who reached too far
I was flying too near the sun
with wax wings
until i disappear

My future is crystal clear to me
All rivers flow into the same sea
I let him fly away
I knelt and pretended to pray

I'd rise as gods in the House of sun
I’d see the glow of some new colours
A lonely moon orbiting the sun
The sun throws light and shadows

I am a fallen heroes
I was flying too near the sun
with wax wings
Until i disappear


paru le 17 juillet 2015
Gotam Sen is Gaëtan Sen Gupta
Composed & written by Gotam Sen
Recorded by Gotam Sen & Timothée Zéphir
Mixed & Mastered by Timothée Zéphir
Produced by Timothée Zéphir & Gotam Sen
Artwork by Gotam Sen
© & ℗ Cream of the Crop 2015